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Lighting - HMI

HMI Daylight is one such lighting option that has gained significant popularity among filmmakers. In this article, we will discuss the features and benefits of HMI Daylight, how to set them up safely, and what to take care of while using them on the filming set. We will also explore why light modifiers are essential, such as diffusion, book light, flags or reflector.


HMI Daylight is The Key

HMI Daylight is a powerful artificial light that provides a daylight color temperature of around 5800K – 6000K. It produces a bright, hard light that is ideal for outdoor shoots and simulating sunlight. HMI Daylight lights are commonly used in film and television production and are an essential tool in every filmmaker's toolkit. They offer several benefits, including their high light output, and long bulb life. Moreover, they are incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of shots, such as interior shots (smaller  fixtures) with windows, night exterior shots(bigger fixtures), and more.


Setting Up HMI Lights Safely

When setting up HMI Daylight lights, it is crucial to take safety measures. The lights can get extremely hot, so ensure that they are not in contact with any flammable material. Also, the electrical circuits should be properly grounded to prevent electric shock. Additionally, always wear protective gloves while handling the bulbs, as they can cause severe burns if touched directly. You'll never use too much sand bags for bigger fixtures.


Control the Light

Light modifiers play a critical role in shaping the light to achieve the desired result. Diffusion is one of the most commonly used light modifiers with HMI Daylight. It helps soften the harsh light and spread it evenly, making it ideal for close-ups and interviews. Another popular modifier is the book light, which is used to create a soft, even light that appears as though it is coming from a window. Flags are also commonly used to block the light and create shadows, while reflectors are used to bounce light onto the subject.

Arri is Dominating

Arri is one of the leading brands in the HMI Daylight lighting category, with models such as the Arri AS18, Arri D40, Arri D25, Arri M18, and Arri M8. Other brands like K5600 and Desisti are around but less popular, ech of them comes with its ballast which converts wall power to much higher amperage to ignite the bulb. The Arri M18 is a highly versatile light that produces a high output of light while being energy efficient. It is ideal for indoor shoots and can be used for several types of shots. The Arri M8, on the other hand, is a compact light that provides a soft, even light suitable for close-ups and interviews. The Arri AS18 is a powerful light that produces a high output of light and is ideal for large outdoor shoots. Generally HMI bulbs are very delicate, hot, easy to break/explode.



In conclusion, When setting up HMI Daylight lights, it is crucial to take safety measures and use light modifiers to achieve the desired result. Arri is one of the leading brands in the HMI Daylight lighting category, with several flagship products such as the Arri M18, Arri M8, and Arri AS18. Pro Screen is a leading rental house for filming equipment in Doha, Qatar, providing filmmakers with a wide range of HMI.

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